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Legal issues may arise and hiring a full-time lawyer might not be within your budget. CM SME Club is excited to introduce our new Outsourced In-House Legal Support service - your on-demand legal department!

Introducing Outsourced In-House Legal Support at CM SME Club!

Legal issues may arise and hiring a full-time lawyer might not be within your budget. CM SME Club is excited to introduce our new Outsourced In-House Legal Support service - your on-demand legal department!

We collaborate with your business to deliver value. Whether it's navigating through a major project, ensuring timely and budget-friendly transactions, or providing swift high-level responses when urgency strikes. Our approach revolves around synergizing skills, expertise, and experiences.

Our pledge is to comprehend your business objectives and deliver top-notch professional services tailored to your needs. We invest time in understanding your team dynamics so that our guidance is always personalized to your unique circumstances. We continuously seek avenues to align with your specific requirements, and we remain adaptable to evolving situations by staying attentive and responsive to your feedback.

We recognize the high-pressure and often solitary nature of an in-house counsel role. Balancing board demands, business needs, stakeholder expectations, and budget constraints while managing multiple projects can be demanding. We integrate seamlessly with your team, empowering them to provide optimal service to your organization. Whether it's serving as a trusted advisor on the other end of the line or bringing specialized expertise to intricate, long-term projects, we function as an extension of your team. Moreover, our transparent fee structures offer flexibility and cost control, empowering you to manage budgets confidently.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Access to Legal Advice: Access to qualified Lawyers and to prompt answers for your everyday legal queries to help you make informed decisions.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminate the recruitment and overhead costs of a full-time in-house lawyer.
  • Scalable Support: Adjust your legal support as your business needs evolve. Choose part time, full time or remote support depending on your needs.

Our Outsourced In-House Legal Support service includes:

  • Contract review – Quick, cost-effective analysis of day-to-day business contracts based on your key areas of concern.
  • Cyber and data privacy/security – Our cyber security assessment and training on data privacy regulations provide assurance that you have the measures in place to keep your data and systems safe.
  • IP review and support – Tailored intellectual property support, including strategic brand and portfolio advice on copyright, trademark, patents, industrial designs, utility models etc.
  • Company secretarial - Fixed-price support with administration and compliance, giving you time to focus on commercial and strategic priorities.
  • Bank of Hours – Buy blocks of our lawyers’ time in advance at a significant discount, with total cost certainty to help manage your budgets.
  • Employment - Legal services related to employment matters, including but not limited to employment contracts, termination issues, discrimination claims, and workplace policies.
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Support - Assistance and guidance on integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into business strategies and operations to enhance sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Training & Accreditation - Provision of training programs and accreditation services tailored to specific industries or legal requirements, aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge, and compliance within organizations.

Why in-house counsel legal support?

  • You do not have enough legal work to justify another full-time, in-house lawyer, but your legal needs are becoming more significant and/or cumbersome.
  • You need a legal assistant to manage certain legal needs to “free up” your time to focus on areas that require your in-house legal officer(s) attention.
  • Your company is about to enter a period of time, or new venture, where your legal needs will increase temporarily.
  • You want to budget and/or reduce your legal expenditures.
  • You want a seasoned in-house lawyer on call without the overhead of another employee.
  • You want the comfort of having a trusted and personalised legal advisor who you can call to help or assistance without the worry of unknown cost.
  • You would like to arrange for a set price for “in-scope” in-house counsel services paid monthly e.g. review or drafting of commercial agreements or stamping and/or registration of legal documents, but with predictable, more affordable rates for variable out-of-scope work as well.
  • You would like an outsourced and well experienced advocate or lawyer to work with you to reduce your overall legal expenditure on recurring legal needs such as employment issues, Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental care (HES) issues, general contracting arrangements, and routine disputes such as debt recovery matters.
  • You need to protect your business as it grows, without legal expenditures becoming too much of your budget.
  • You need someone to offer legal guidance in labour and employment including hiring and termination events as they happen or in dealing with unions or Labour Ministry officers.
  • You need legal assistance in dealing with KRA, OSHA, Competition Authority, Parliamentary Committee etc or to assist in reporting or watching brief and offering legal guidance in criminal and administrative proceedings.

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