Corporate Law

You’re not running an average business, so why would you want an average corporate lawyer?

Our experienced corporate lawyers and governance and compliance specialists can help in:

  • Entity setup services
  • Our experts excel in facilitating the establishment of various entities, including private and public limited liability companies, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships, and charities. We guide clients through the intricate process of incorporation and registration, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and regulations.

  • Entity Governance and Compliance (EGC);
  • Navigating the complexities of entity governance and compliance is crucial for businesses to operate smoothly and ethically. Our specialists offer tailored solutions to address regulatory challenges, implement best practices, and uphold corporate governance standards to safeguard your organization's interests.

  • Company Secretarial Services;
  • Efficient management of company secretarial tasks is essential for maintaining legal compliance and operational efficiency. Our team provides comprehensive support in handling administrative responsibilities related to corporate governance, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and business growth.

  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Staying abreast of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance is a cornerstone of good corporate governance. We offer expert guidance on regulatory compliance issues, including beneficial ownership registration and ongoing compliance requirements, to help your business mitigate risks and operate within legal boundaries.

  • Drafting and review services
  • The drafting and review of legal documents are critical components of sound corporate governance. Our professionals specialize in preparing and scrutinizing essential agreements such as shareholders’ agreements, board charters, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, and other governance

  • Business re-organisations and related advisory;
  • In times of change or growth, businesses may require re-organizational strategies to optimize operations or pursue new opportunities. Our team provides strategic advice on business re-organisations, offering insights into legal implications, risk management strategies, and best practices to ensure a seamless transition and sustainable growth.

  • Entity dissolution and cessation.
  • When the time comes to dissolve an entity or cease operations, proper guidance is essential to navigate the legal processes involved. Our experts can assist you in understanding the steps required for entity dissolution, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, minimizing risks, and facilitating a smooth cessation process.

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