Intellectual Property Law

Our intellectual property (IP) lawyers specialize in protecting, growing and defending IP assets for our clients locally and globally.

We specialize in trade mark, patent, copyright registration and IP litigation and our experienced team have industry knowledge of intellectual property and brand protection. We operate on a fixed-fee model so you have certainty and transparency of your legal costs. Our services are primarily online and we work with quick turnarounds to meet the unique business needs of our clientele. Our IP and trademark lawyers can assist with:

  • registering trademarks, patents and copyright;
  • Trademarks: Protect your brand by registering it as a trademark. This process allows you to take legal action against unauthorized use of your brand, display the ® symbol to signify ownership, and monetize your brand through licensing.

    Patents: Apply for patents to protect inventions and industrial processes. Patents grant exclusive rights to use, sell, or manufacture the invention, providing legal protection against unauthorized implementation.

    Copyright: Register creative works such as literary works, music, artworks, and more. Copyright registration ensures verifiable evidence of ownership and immediate protection against infringement.

  • enforcing IP protection;
  • We assist in enforcing IP rights through legal action against infringers, counterfeiters, or unauthorized users of your intellectual property. Our team helps safeguard your creations and innovations by taking appropriate legal measures.

  • dispute resolution, litigation and IP infringement;
  • In cases of IP disputes or infringement, we provide expert representation in dispute resolution and litigation proceedings. Our goal is to protect your IP assets, resolve conflicts effectively, and ensure that your rights are upheld within the legal framework.

  • IP and brand protection strategy;
  • We develop tailored strategies to protect your intellectual property and brand assets. By analyzing your unique needs and industry landscape, we create comprehensive plans to safeguard your IP rights, mitigate risks, and enhance brand value.

  • monetisation of IP assets; and
  • Our services include assisting in monetizing your IP assets through licensing agreements, partnerships, or other commercial arrangements. We help you maximize the value of your intellectual property while ensuring legal compliance and protection.

  • IP portfolio management.
  • We offer strategic guidance in managing your IP portfolio effectively. From registration to maintenance and enforcement, our experts help you navigate the complexities of IP portfolio management to optimize asset value and protect your creations over time.

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