Family-Owned Business

Building a successful family-owned business is a shared dream, but navigating legal complexities can feel overwhelming.

At CM SME, we understand the unique challenges faced by family businesses.

More than just legal counsel, we become a trusted partner, ensuring your business thrives across generations.

Why CM SME is the Perfect Fit for Your Family Business:

  • Secure Business Structuring: We help you establish the optimal business structure (LLC, corporation, etc.) to minimize risk, optimize taxes, and protect your family's assets.
  • Estate Planning for Success: Ensure a smooth transition of ownership with comprehensive estate planning strategies. We guide you through creating wills, trusts, and succession plans that safeguard your family's legacy and business continuity.
  • Employment Agreements with Clarity: Protect your family business and employees with clear, legally sound employment agreements that outline expectations and responsibilities.
  • Subscription-Based Advantage: Ditch unpredictable legal fees. Our subscription-based model provides affordable, ongoing legal support you can rely on, allowing you to focus on running your business with peace of mind.

CM SME goes beyond legalese. We become an extension of your startup team, providing ongoing legal support and peace of mind.

  • Corporate Law: CM SME guides your business formation, governance, and M&A processes.
  • Commercial Law: We ensure contract confidence, assist with debt recovery, and navigate disputes.
  • Labour and Employment Law: Our team helps with employment agreements, employee relations, and labor law compliance.
  • Intellectual Property Law: CM SME protects your ideas with trademarks, copyrights, and helps with licensing and infringement.
  • Data Protection: We ensure data privacy compliance, assist with data breach response, and develop security policies.
  • Business Finance: At CM SME Club, we understand that access to the right financing can be crucial for the growth and success of your small or medium-sized enterprise.

Don't let legal uncertainties cloud your family business's bright future. CM SME empowers you to make informed decisions, plan strategically, and ensure your legacy continues to thrive. Contact us today and discuss a subscription plan tailored to your specific family business needs. Together, let's build a secure and successful future for generations to come!

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CM SME Pricing Packages

A plan for all budgets. Our fair pricing will help keep your business growing.
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KES50,000 / mo


Turn over Kshs 0 - 50 Million
No. of Employees 1 - 20

  • 70 free documents
  • 60 minutes of free consultation
  • 0 free webinar per month
  • upto 10 document reviews / month
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KES100,000 / mo


Turn over Kshs 500 Million - 1 Billion
No. of Employees 50 - 99

  • 79 free documents
  • 150 minutes of free consultation
  • 1 free webinar per month
  • upto 30 document reviews / month
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